Talent Acquisition

At Virtue Associates, we share your belief that people are the most important assets of an organization. Through our personalized search services, you will be able to acquire the best people within an efficient timeframe in line with organizational demands and growth targets. We strive to meet your requirements and goals, and are committed to maintaining our partnerships with you.

Core Activities

  • Executive Search
    Targeted activities can be carried out on clients' behalf with utmost discreet and professionalism basis. Clients that wish to utilize our services on a search and selection can be carried out on an exclusivity basis.
  • Recruitment
    At Virtue Associates, we can identify professionals at all levels and across all mainstream skill bases for short or long term assignments. Our service can be provided on demand to cover specific resource shortfalls or to augment existing skill bases in-house. For clients wishing to utilize our services on an ad-hoc basis, our charges are negotiable depending on the nature of the work to be undertaken by the consultant.
    • Individual or Group Permanent Placements
    • Individual or Group Contractual Placements
    • Special or Ad hoc Project Staffing
    • Temp - potential permanent placements
  • Recruitment/ Payroll Outsourcing
  • HR Administrative Outsourcing
  • HR Consultancy & Set-up
  • Learning & Development (Career Coaching, Seminar, Workshop, e-Learning, In House Training & Customized Training)


We undertake candidate selection with the utmost care and consideration for client's needs.

  1. Job Description
    • Define job duties and responsibilities
    • Determine qualification and/or experience requirements
    • Incorporate special requirements by client
  2. Selection
    • Determine search objectives and mode
    • Source database, resources, network and industry contacts
  3. Candidate Identification
    • Develop comprehensive lists of potential candidates
    • Contact and share with potential candidates on the career prospect
  4. Candidate Verification
    • Screen academic, work and personal information for authenticity
    • Perform referral checks
    • Competency-based interview with candidate to assess skills, aptitude and interest level
    • Ongoing personality analysis and corporate culture fit
  5. Candidate Consideration
    • Pipeline short listed candidate to client
    • Arrangement of interview and liaison between client and candidate
    • Coaching as final prep for successful candidate
  6. Placement
    • Mediate negotiation
    • Initiate and facilitate final offer and acceptance
  7. Follow up
    • Perform periodic checks with client and candidate on performance, adjustability and troubleshooting

Why choose Virtue Associates

We are constantly assessing and taking positive steps in maintaining and improving our services provided to clients and candidates. As we place the highest value in both our clients and candidates, we are dedicated to provide:

  • Innovative solutions by thinking out of the box
  • Time and cost effective methods
  • Personalize our service to meet your requirements
  • Devotion and commitment
  • Upholding high quality and standards
  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Honor, respect and professionalism
  • Competency-based skills assessments and interviews
  • Candidate personality profiling
  • Corporate culture and environment suitability
  • Coaching

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