Sample of Executive Summary

Sample 1 - Executive Summary is a summary of your whole resume that highlights your experiences in industry/specialization, core competencies, certification obtained, your strength, skills, education qualification, and any important information that highlights your credential.

Extensive business and technical knowledge in personal computers and peripherals, ICs, PCBA and box-build assemblies from 6 years of work experience.

Comprehensive knowledge of Product Marketing, Program Management, Planning and Manufacturing process and operation.

Strong leadership capability, independent, highly adaptable, excellent team player, and highly professional.

Highly experienced with extensive on the job corporate training in the areas of Product Marketing, Customer Service, Planning, Manufacturing and Program Management from trainings and work experience at Intel, Solectron, NEC Computers, Motorola and Plexus.

Excellent cross-cultural MNC communication skills with direct working experience with foreign countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the U.S.

4 years of international (the U.S.) living and corporate working experience.

Very knowledgable in electronics markets and technology trends.

Proven technical capability from OEM and EMS industries on-the-job experience will be a unique asset when combined with the extensive business and manufacturing know-how.

Good written and spoken languages in English, Bahasa and German.

Highest qualification is Master in Manufacturing.