We undertake candidate selection with the utmost care and consideration for client's needs.

  1. Job Description
    • Define job duties and responsibilities
    • Determine qualification and/or experience requirements
    • Incorporate special requirements by client
  2. Selection
    • Determine search objectives and mode
    • Source database, resources, network and industry contacts
  3. Candidate Identification
    • Develop comprehensive lists of potential candidates
    • Contact and share with potential candidates on the career prospect
  4. Candidate Verification
    • Screen academic, work and personal information for authenticity
    • Perform referral checks
    • Competency-based interview with candidate to assess skills, aptitude and interest level
    • Ongoing personality analysis and corporate culture fit
  5. Candidate Consideration
    • Pipeline short listed candidate to client
    • Arrangement of interview and liaison between client and candidate
    • Coaching as final prep for successful candidate
  6. Placement
    • Mediate negotiation
    • Initiate and facilitate final offer and acceptance
  7. Follow up
    • Perform periodic checks with client and candidate on performance, adjustability and troubleshooting

Competitive Edge

Incorporated into our methods of finding the right people, we are dedicated to provide:

  • Competency-based skills assessments and interviews
  • Candidate personality profiling
  • Corporate culture and environment suitability
  • Coaching

As we place the highest value in our clients, we are dedicated to provide:

  • Innovative solutions by thinking out of the box
  • Time and cost effective methods
  • Personalize our service to meet your requirements
  • Devotion and commitment
  • Upholding high quality and standards
  • Confidentiality and trust
  • Honor, respect and professionalism

Our Clientele

  • International Construction Companies
  • MNC Semiconductor Industries
  • SME and SMI
  • MNC IT and Software Companies
  • Housing / Building Developers
  • Shipping and Freight forwarding Industries
  • Professional Consultancy Firms

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